What Is Sub5?

Sub5 was started as a way for like minded Team In Training Alumni to keep fundraising for good causes while training together.  When we first started, El Tour de Tucson was the only event that we trained for with the goal being to complete the 111 mile ride around the perimeter of Tucson in under 5 hours.  Considering that most of us are not racers or super athletes this proved to be quite a challenge.   We built a training program to address the fitness, ride nutrition and logistical aspects of completing the race in under 5 hours and earning a platinum medal.  Some only beat the 5 hours by a few minutes or even seconds, but the medal is just as sweet.

Now Sub5 has grown to spring and fall programs.  In the spring we train for ultra endurance events such as The Death Ride or Breathless Agony.  Most of our training rides during this time are out in the fantastic hills in the east San Diego County.  As it turns out all of these hill provide a very nice base to start our El Tour training in August.  Those that stay with us year after year note the change in their fitness over time.

If I were to summarize what Sub5 is about I’d have to say that “We are a group of charitable minded friends that love working hard together to bring our fitness to the next level”.

Coach Perry

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