Trainer Class

Starting Time

We will start as close to 5:45 as possible, although there will be more discussion about what we are doing than usual. In future weeks I will make it a point to start at 5:45 sharp.

The Workout

We will most likely be doing a combination of the 13 week, the 9 week and my old favorite “hour of pain” HIT workouts.

What you will need

  • Five bucks - If you are not a "current" fundraising Sub5 participant. All proceeds go to our current charity. If you expect to continue through the winter with our spin classes just make a check out for $50.
  • Bike - With back tire that you don't mind grinding away pretty fast. For those that don't know, trainers are very rough on back tires, so don't be surprised when you are only getting a few miles out of those expensive, soft road tires.

  • Stationary Trainer - Too many types to mention. Just make sure that it is stable enough to handle you and bike during standing exercises.

  • Towel - You can figure this one out. ; ) Also useful to keep you warm during cooldowns.

  • Fan – Some like to have a fan, which helps cool you down and help you work harder.

  • "Hill" stand - Something to prop the front tire of your bike up on to simulate climbing. The recommended height is 2 4 x 4's. Some don't like dragging around 4 x 4's so they have come up with other solutions. Just make sure that whatever your solution is that it is STABLE.

  • Heart rate or Power monitor - Used to help you work at the appropriate intensity some of the exercises. Not required, but nice.

  • Bike computer with cadence monitor - A lot of the exercises are based on spin rate. If you don't have one you can just watch someone that does.

  • The desire to work really hard and have FUN!!. This is a great time for riders at all levels.

  • Parking – Please be courteous to our neighbors and don’t block driveways.

  • Bathrooms – Our home has hardwood floors. This means no cycling shoes inside the house on your way to the bathroom.

  • Release forms – If you have not completed a release form, we will need one before you start spin.